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Formed by the water and amassed by tectonic power from long ago, the mighty archipelago that is the Philippines is not only blessed with pristine beaches and heady breezes, but also with numerous naturally-forming caves. Traveling the Philippine Islands just for the sake of its natural caves is a fantastic destination trip for any cave explorers and spelunking enthusiasts.

But since there are so many, here are the four best cave destinations one should definitely see when they travel to the Philippines for nature and adventure. These caves are the pride of the land, and the country, together with its people, strive to preserve these natural treasures for everyone to enjoy.

The Callao Caves

When we talk about caves in the Philippines, cave enthusiasts and rapellers will ultimately mention Callao Caves. This massive, seven-chambered cave is the pride of Tuguegarao, in the town of Pe ablanca. The seven chambers are called the Column, the Chapel, the Skeleton, the Elephant s Head, the Praying Angel, the Rocket, the Lion s Head and the Dog s Head.

The Chapel would easily be pointed as the most popular of these chambers, the cavernous formation striking awe to every one who sees it. It lives up to its name because the locals have actually turned it into a cathedral of sorts. A skylight majestically cuts through the darkness, as if the heavens are speaking, and making it really a sight to behold.


The Odessa-Tumbali Cave, also known as the Abbenditan Cave

This cave with five entrances is the third longest cave in the country, and that is saying something. The province of Cagayan itself, where Odessa-Tumbali is located, has over 300 natural cave formations. A recent speleological expedition tried to map out the cave through its Abbenditan entrance, and they were surprised to find out that eventually, it connects to a cave in the village of Tumbali, hence the name.

Here, lake and stream formations are abundant and natural, making in a perfect spot for numerous wildlife. The same goes for being the perfect place for water adventures like swimming and diving. This cave photographs well too. That must be the reason why its so famous for wet cavers and explorers.

The Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave

Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave in Sagada, Mt.Province is the deepest cave in the land, if vector length is the basis. This is so deep in fact, that it used to be a hiding place of the Filipino soldiers and guerillas during World War 2. Add this to the fact that before that, this was also used as a burial ground for the indigenous locals of the Cordillera region and you are all set for the perfect horror setting.

So for the not-so-faint-of-heart, the Crystal Cave will promise natural streams, stone walls polished by water, as well as terrific stalactite and stalagmite formations.

The Palawan Subterranean Rive

The most famous river and cave in the Philippines has earned its fame with the right credentials. It is the longest navigable underground river in the world, making it a heritage site protected by law and by the locals. The boat tour will stretch out 1km from the mouth, and lots of wildlife can be seen at the entrance.

Further deep, impressive formations and ceilings full of sleeping bats will astound anyone. This is certainly a relaxing travel destination for die-hard spelunkers, but one that is not to be missed anyway.

The Philippines certainly has a lot to offer in terms of natural scenery and destinations. Caves are just a part of the menu, and it certainly offers a full plate indeed. is your one-stop source of information about the Philippines with its fascinating travel destinations, colorful festivals and premier attractions.

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