In all cultures and through the ages, even in the bible’s times, mothers have been making use of a baby carrier to transport baby safely. The traditional carrier used to be a length of material slung around the shoulder or wraps that go around baby and mother and they are still being used today in modern society. They range in colors, designs and sizes and can be store bought or made with a blanket or towel.

When purchasing a baby carrier, make sure it complies with the weight recommendations of the manufacturer. There are only a handful of baby carriers that come in one size fits all, other are made specifically for separate weights and should be adhererd to. Make sure the carriere both fits your baby and yourself comfortably. The carriers that have no backing or padding at the back tends to droop letting baby’s back arch and therefore puts extra strain on your shoulders. When testing a carrier, don’t just wear it on yourself, put baby in and walk around the shop for at least 10 minutes. If you put it on and directly take it off any carrier will seem comfortable and the right buy.

Try on various carriers at various price ranges, that is the only way that you can feel the difference between the less expensive compared to the more expensive ones. Security is very important. It must be able to keep baby secure and must fit snug enough to allow no drooping or flopping around while you are moving. As you will not always have both arms around baby when in the carrier you want to at least know that the carier is of high quality and is strong enough to do your job for you.

When you have selected the carrier of your choice, it will be a good idea for both baby and you to get used to using it. Baby might squirm at first because it might feel as if he/she is hanging in mid air, but use your arms to reassure baby and slowly take them away while walking. Keep in mind that you are wider so be careful when walking around the house that you do not bump into something on your way. It is like being pregnant again – it is a weight that you have to get used to. Get dad strapped up too and get him used to the feeling of “being with child”. He will have to take baby shopping soon too, let him start feeling comfortable with the idea.

Safety recommendations while using the carrier is that you do not walk too fast, you might trip and then you could fall on top of baby. Also use caution while walking around, do not bump into things and distribute your weight evenly when going up or down stairs. Do not hold hot drinks while using the carrier and definitely do not do the cooking while baby is strapped to you. It could be dangerous if baby touches the hot stove or a pot cooking.

Although carriers are often made of durable materials, be sure to do regular maintenance on it. Check for wear and tear, check for factory defaults like missing stitching or loose stitching. Pay close attention to buckles, straps and ties. You know Murphy’s law – accidents always happen when you are not concentrating a certain thing.

Do market research. Read the reviews from other parents on every brand you can think of, but do not only listen to them, try as many as possible out for yourself. Read baby magazines and forums to get more feedback on all baby accessories. There is nothing worse than buying a product that is not right for you and does not feel comfortable – so do your research very well and make sure you select the best possible carrier for your and your family. Happy shopping!

Choosing The Right Baby Carrier For You And Your Baby