Ask your children if your pets are part of the family, and you know what they’ll say. It’s terrible when an animal the family loves get sick and needs to go the veterinary hospital, but it’s great to know you can call the animal hospital in Queens, NY every day of the week during emergencies. Right now, they’re offering 20% off on veterinary medical services provided for the care of your animal. You can print the coupon from your computer. Everyone wants to be sure their beloved pet is given the proper care in a clinic they know and trust wholeheartedly.


While your pet is away from you, you can be sure he’ll be treated with the utmost love and care. When you must go away for a few days, you can take your pets to the Animal hospital in Queens, NY and count on their boarding services and staff to treat your dog and cat like a special guest until you return. The clinic will make sure he/she is under supervision, is well groomed and fed just the way you would do if you were home. With glass kennels used to board pets, they won’t realize they’re alone in their own room. They’ll go for walks, have time for play and spend quality time with staff members.

When you view the website of the clinic, you’ll find a ‘contact us’ button that will show you the address and directions to the clinic, how payments for services can be made, hours the clinic is open, along with a short comment and request form. Just fill it out, and you’ll be contacted by a member of the doctor’s staff. Once your pet is a patient at the clinic, you’ll always receive follow-up reminders of certain specified vaccinations needed by a certain date. This includes rabies shots and other vaccinations to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Whether your pet has a toothache, needs a vaccination or toenails clipped, or has suffered an illness that requires immediate attention, call the phone number listed on the contact screen, and give the veterinarians at the clinic a call for help. Most clinics offer a senior citizen discount along with multiple pet discounts to families owning more than one pet.

Call The Animal Hospital In Queens, Ny For Emergency Pet Care