Twitter Gets a Facelift



Some of you, who already use Twitter for social media marketing, may have already heard of this new transformation Twitter is undergoing, but for those who have not, it s about to get much better, especially for marketing.

Twitter is undergoing a super face change and will be able to showcase all different types of media verses just the text-messaging layout. Basically, they are adding a new pane to the webpage that will make users able to check photos and videos easier.

The Outcome?

People around the world generally open a twitter account to connect with friends, family, businesses and celebrities. These same people are usually only posting things about their own thoughts or opinions and make observations occasionally. However, with these new installments, Twitter pages will encompass user s true identity because of a larger profile picture and more space to speak about yourself and who you truly are.


Twitter users will linger longer on Twitter, because of these new innovations. It will make Twitter more attractive and more interesting to users. For you, this means a bigger chance of grounding prospective clients and connecting with current and old customers. Overall, these innovations will enable users to get more out of Twitter in less time, they will create easier access and use for users. Furthermore, these innovations are in hopes to increase the number of users.

The Layout:

Your window will be split into two panes and feature lists. One the left, right above your timeline, it will include retweets, mentions, searches and other features that will contain images. On the right, it will look the same as before with your followers and the trending topics. When looking up new people to follow, their profile picture will also include key statistics about the user.

Twitter s Innovations:

Twitter has teamed up with 16 different service providers including Vimeo, Ustream, Flickr, TwitPic, TwitVid, Yahoo and YouTube.

Twitter Stats:

Overall, there are 370,000 new users a day and 16% of those start using with their mobile phone. Interesting enough, currently 250% of Twitter user s access Twitter via their mobile phone only, which means mobile apps are critical to the future.

More people log on to Twitter, monthly, than any other interface, combined.

Of the 90 million tweets posted daily, 25% contain links.

So if you haven t started a Twitter account yet, now is the time to do so and get familiar with all the ways you can use this site for social media marketing, networking and helping to bring traffic to your business.

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Twitter Gets A Facelift