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Medical professionals are very much the most skilled and astute people that we know. Ranging from your ward candy striper right through to the brain surgeon, these people know your body better than you do. Hailing from Medical centres like Morton Medical, they require the best in medical equipment and supplies.

Where do they get such things? Well Morton Medical of course!

Morton Medical has a huge range of medical devices and instruments to make the job of saving lives a little easier for our medical professionals.


So what are these essential items that a medical professional working at Morton Medical should be purchasing?

Surgical Instruments: the surgeons at Morton Medical are very astute, and they require the best in surgical instruments. These can be sub-divided into 32 categories of surgery which can be for: – Bone Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Dermatology, Gall Bladder, Gynaecology, Lung, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and Rhinology etc. Also this category also comprises instruments like forceps, scissors, scalpels, retractors, probes, sutures etc.

Stethoscopes: What medical professional would be seen without a pair of these handy things? Believe it or not you can purchase stethoscopes from bargain prices, right up to the top end where the stethoscopes are electrical. The big players sold by Morton Medical are: – 3M Littmann, Erka, Prestige, Spirit and Welch Allyn. At some places you can even get these things engraved with your initials, now that’s cool!

Blood Pressure Monitors: Now this is a section that has advantages for the medical professional and the retail consumer. You purchase a monitor that measures your Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure from the comfort of your own home! No need to go to medical centres like the Morton Medical Center. These are relatively inexpensive to purchase for the consumer but as with everything that you can go into a shop to buy, there are some high end devices that you can buy, but I would leave that to the Morton Medical Specialists. These devices have all the bells and whistles.

Medical Scales: Again this category can be split into the products for consumers and medical professionals. Morton Medical Professionals make sure they are equipped with all kinds of medical scales because you never know who is going to walk through the door and what ailment they have. The consumer, like you, would have only ever come across bathroom scales, you know like the ones we stand on after every holiday period! Medical professionals have a range of these devices, for example, Wheelchair Scales, Hoist Scales, Baby Scales, and Column Scales etc.

Diagnostic Sets: Along with the humble Stethoscope a good diagnostic set is just what the doctor ordered from Morton Medical. These handy pieces of kit do exactly what they say on the tin, they help the medical professional diagnose! You know when you go to the doctor and he/she is poking and prodding you with all kinds of instruments, well this is what they are! They incorporate up to 20 different heads so can essence become Microscopes, Trans illuminators Sigmoid scopes, ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes. Also, make sure your doctor changes the specula regularly. I make sure the doctors at Morton Medical replace them very frequently.

Medical Bags: Doctors and Nurses are people just like us you know, they too want to look trendy while working in their profession. I have seen my Doctor many times walking out of Morton Medical with a cool leather doctors bag. I guess they are all trying to look like the village on call doctor! Jokes aside these thing are quite functional. Medical Professionals can purchase medical cases with a handy compartment for their essentials, a bit like a laptop bag!

These are some of the things that I have picked up about medical professionals from my many excursions to Morton Medical. Watch out for a more in-depth look at the instruments that doctors use to figure out what’s wrong with you, coming soon!

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