Travel Insurance For Seniors

Travel Insurance for Seniors


Deepa Paul

Like all of life\’s decisions, planning ahead is crucial for every person especially the elderly. This holds true specifically in the cases when they are planning to travel abroad. A travel insurance policy is the solution for the elderly to financially tackle any uncertainity that may arise during a trip.

Given the fragility of the aged, it is but probable that they meet with an accident or face health challenges during their trip. A travel insurance for seniors; those above 65 years, covers such medical exigencies providing for a personal accident cover and hospitalisation expenses. When the accident or illness requires hospitalisation, the medical bills in a foreign land may amount to a hefty sum considering the high rate of medical inflation. A travel insurance covers such expenses. Some policies even provide a Hospitalisation Daily Allowance which can go a long way in meeting non-medical but related expenses like telephone charges etc.

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The travel insurance policy for seniors even takes into account the eventuality that an elderly might require medical evacuation or repatriation. In normal conditions, arranging for an evacuation or repatriation may involve huge amounts of money. However, by buying a

senior travel insurance

policy, unneccesary financial burden can be done away with. Repatriation in particular can prove beneficial as in the unfortunate instance of death, the policy will provide for the body of the insured to be bought back to his/her country.

Running around for lost checked baggage or a lost passport can prove tedious for any senior. A travel policy provides compensation for such situations. In case of loss of passport, the insurer provides for the arrangement of a duplicate passport.Even delays in flight which can be quite taxing for the aged are monetarily compensated for by the insurance company.

In cases that the trip is curtailed or cancelled owing to emergency situations, the travel insurance policy will provide adequate compensation. Because age is used a premium determining factor by insurers, you can compare various offers by insurance companies online before making a decision. Taking a medical check-up may also be a good idea as a doctor\’s health approval stamp will reduce the amount of premium you will be required to pay. Ensure that the insurance policy covers you for the entire duration of your trip. Before purchasing a policy also go through the wordings of the document to familiarize yourself with the conditions under which you can make a legitimate insurance claim.

Buying a senior travel insurance can save the elderly alot of unnecessary burden both financially and mentally. If you are a senior person, get a travel insurance policy that adequately compensates you and enjoy that trip abroad!

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