To Use a Toothpick at Table Is Harmful to Health


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After a meal, no matter whether there is food impaction in the gap between the teeth, many people will always use a toothpick, in fact, this habit is unhealthy. Regular picking teeth will damage the teeth and gums, which is easy to cause gingival recession, and root exposure, and make the seam between the roots become larger. After that, the food residue will be easier to impact, so you have to pick your teeth. This will form a vicious cycle, and finally make the teeth root lose the protection, causing loose teeth or loss.

The gums are very delicate, so when you pick the teeth, you may damage the surface of the gums, and the bacteria attached to the toothpicks will take advantage of it to cause gum inflammation. Moreover, there is a layer of enamel on the surface of teeth, which has the protective effect of the dentin. However, the tooth enamel at root is thin; often picking teeth will wear the enamel, and after teeth lose the protective layer, it will be sensitive to cold, hot, sour and sweet, causing toothache.


In addition, incorrect using toothpicks will do harm to the body; the toothpick with disinfection mismanagement and poor management will be attached to the bacteria or viruses, which is easy to cause diseases; when toothpicks are used improperly, it will causes periodontal disease; and if you hold a toothpick in the mouth, you may accidentally sallow it up, which will threaten the life. Therefore, you cannot develop the habits of picking teeth. You should seek for the reason why there is food impaction in your teeth, so that take effective preventive measures.

In order to prevent tooth disease, you should keep your teeth clean. Here, I advocate mouthwash after meals to clear into the food between the teeth. If you cannot really rinse out the food residues in the teeth, you can brush with a toothbrush, or you can use a handkerchief and towel to press the part which is filled in food residues to wipe, these will not bring any damage to your teeth.

In addition, another method of picking teeth is dental floss. You can make the floss to be a ring, or tie the both ends of the line around the two middle fingers, and then use two thumbs to press the line into the gap between the teeth, and gently twitch the line, in this way, you can clear out the food residues in the teeth.

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To Use A Toothpick At Table Is Harmful To Health