byAlma Abell

There is no such thing as a one-size-fit all Alzheimer Care Facility. A person with Alzheimer’s disease needs tend to change as the disease progresses. It helps to find a facility that is equipped to provide long-term care for someone with this illness.


A residential facility is a good option for someone with dementia who wants to live in a community environment or when unable to live alone. Facilities like Fountain View Active Retirement Community provide different levels of care depending on the needs of the resident. Retirement housing is appropriate for people in the early stages of dementia that can still perform daily activities. A person in this situation may be able to safely live alone, but may have problems managing a household. Retirement housing offers limited supervision and includes amenities like transportation and social activities.

Assisted living facilities are an option for individuals who are somewhat independent, but needs help. This type of facility assists with health care, getting dress, meals, bathing and more. Example amenities -hour staff, recreational activities, medication reminders and transportation. Residents have the option of choosing between the different services and amenities. Assisted living facilities are not regulated by the federal government, which means the definition can vary depending on the state. It is important to ask if the facility have the resources to take care of someone with dementia.

Memory care units are designed specifically for people with dementia. This type of residential care can exist in a community that offers different levels of care for seniors. Residents have access to experienced caregivers who are specially trained for working with patients who have memory impairment conditions. This type of residential community also offers around the clock care for managing medications, eating, grooming, bathing and dressing.

Cost is another concern, which can vary depending on the facility and the amenities. It could also help to choose a facility that offers an all-inclusive package and one that offers a monthly payment plan. A long-term care facility should feel homelike and comfortable. This type of Alzheimer Care Facility provides privacy and offer opportunities to meet other residents.

Things To Consider When Choosing Dementia Care