By Josh Neumann

Laundry room organization is a big issue today with many people. Think about it-this is the room you place just about all your dirty items, whether it be clothes, bedspreads, towels, etc. It can be very easy to lost track of all these things and hopefully lose control of your bedroom.

What an effort it takes to maintain a place meant for keeping dirty clothes clean! It is just like talking about a garbage container being clutter free. Laundry room organization is just what you need to keep your clothes clean smoothly and effortlessly.

You need to set up a laundry room organization plan according to your budget. You can have a wonderful laundry room without being extravagant. This room is going to be a place where washer, dryer, ironing boards and hangers all compliment.

You can attach a small cabinet or a rack to the wall for your stereo system. Listen to your favorite music or your teacher as you wash.


You can arrange shelves and hang curtains to give your room a tidy appearance. Keep you detergent, bleaches, color fixers, fabric softener and bars on the shelf after use.

Do not leave dirty clothes hanging in the bathroom if it is attached to the laundry room. It will hopelessly fail the purpose of laundry room organization.

Always remember to stack clothes in the closet that have been washed, dried and ironed. This will save you from a rewash. If possible fold your laundry and keep it in a laundry bag before washing. This will give your room a neat look.

More important than a makeover is how well you are able to keep it the way you organized it. Laundry room organization will not only enable you to get the room cleaned, but most importantly keep it clean.

You can easily achieve this by simply cleaning up your things the moment you are done with them. For instance, after using an item in the laundry room, immediately put it back in the place you got it from. It sounds so simply, but often times people make a mountain out of a molehill by leaving out one item after another.

They tell themselves they will put that particularly thing away, only to then leave out another, and another. Pretty soon the room is back in the hopeless mess it started with. The bottom line: set up a laundry room organization plan according to a predetermined budget, and stick with it.

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