By G Smith

My now fiance and I recently returned from the dream island of Jamaica. The romance of the holiday also enticed my then boyfriend to propose under the Caribbean sun, to which I eagerly accepted. It all seems like a dream now we have returned back from our dream holiday in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. The hotel we stayed in really had the most beautiful beach. And this long strip of unspoilt white sand to our surprise actually belonged to the hotel complex. So from the hotels private beach we could safely bath in the clear blue sea and enjoy the activities provided to create a holiday that could not have been beaten.

My biggest tip when visiting Jamaica for your dream holiday is to ensure that you stay in a reputable all inclusive hotel and do not leave the complex un-accompanied. But do not let this put you off at all, as the hotels are massive with every amenity you could desire. We had an enormously fun time, and still went for outside excursions and trips around Jamaica that were setup by our tour guides in the hotel. When you book a fully inclusive package holiday in Jamaica absolutely everything is included, with unlimited drink, food and entertainment day and night. As far as I am concerned this is the only way to holiday in Jamaica.


What helped make this a dream holiday was having the once in a lifetime experience of swimming with Dolphins! Apart from this the activities available are wide and varied from motor-biking up mountains to spending lazy days relaxing on your private beach with the gentle Caribbean waves lapping at your feet.

There is a lot to experience around Jamaica but some of the best days are literally spent doing nothing and relaxing within the all inclusive hotel complex basking in the Jamaican sun! Everything is provided within the hotel and you do not need to leave it to have an amazing time. You can hire boats or jet-skis from the private beach as well as receive massages and explore the Caribbean sea-life by snorkelling from your own all inclusive hotels private beach. Some of these activities cost extra and are not included in your holiday package, but if you do not wish to spend any additional money there is plenty to do that does not cost any extra at all.

The hotel staff are amazing and cannot do enough to provide for your every need during your stay. There are also smaller islands that you can explore by hiring your own boat for the more adventurous holiday makers amongst you. One day we went for a little exploration of our own on a hired boat, and found a beautiful little island within easy reach of our hotels beach. A small stall was setup on the beach selling fresh caught lobster cooked over coals by two very friendly Rastafarians. Local customs of Rastafarians can be found at: This was the most amazing seafood we had tasted and as we sat on the perfect beach watching the Caribbean sun go down we realised that this was the ultimate dream Caribbean holiday we had experienced!

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