Here is a simple little method you can useanytime you need money.For example, this week I’ve made $6350.00with it so far. I’ll show you in this articleexactly how I made that money.Last month I made $13,000 in 2 week using it.It’s so simple, it’s almost laughable, as mostof my marketing methods are.Here is my fast cash promotion method. It’s only two steps.Step One: Compile an “opt-in” listStep Two: Email my offer to your opt-in listIf you don’t already have an opt-in list, thenobviously this won’t be a fast cash method for you.First you have to compile your opt-in list. I teachmy students a number of simple, easy methods fordoing this in my ebook at: http://www.amazingformula.comBy the way, if you aren’t familiar with the term,”opt-in” list, it refers to a mailing list thatpeople specifically and deliberately subscribe to.In other words, they give you permission to sendthem emails.Sending unsolicited emails is a gigantic “no-no.”Now, if you do already have a list of peoplewho have specifically given you permission to emailthem, then you need a product to endorse.Here are a few things to look for:1. A 30% to 50% profit margin.2. At least a $30 pay out (and preferably more).3. A proven email sales letter you can use.4. A reputable company that you know will deliver the products you sell.To help my associates make money, I pay out a 60%commission on “The Amazing Formula That Sells ProductsLike Crazy.” That is $40.20 per sale.The key to making sales to your list is the endorsementletter. You must preface the sales letter with reasonswhy you’re endorsing that particular product. The folks on your list trust you, and will listen to your opinion about the product.You don’t have to write anything fancy. Just include a note that explains why the product you’re endorsing deserves their attention and how it will benefit them.For example:Here is the email that has made me over 6 grand thisweek. I sent it to my customer list. I prefer shorteremails but this one needed more explanation.”Dear I’d like to introduce you to a friendof mine who has helped me make a smallfortune.His name is Jonathan Mizel. And hehas a legitimate genius IQ.He works with companies such as theseon Internet marketing projects.* Intel* MyPoints* OnHealth* Microsoft* MotherNature.comThese companies are raking in huge bucks (and I do mean huge)using a method called “per transaction” marketing.And Jonathan is smack dab in the middleof this ultra-hot method.He can show you how companies are growingfrom scratch to zillions in sales in remarkably short periods of time using “per transaction” marketing.It’s the only method I know that allows you to ramp up from small volume to large volume almost overnight — without spending one freakin’ dime on advertising!That means your potential profits have almostno limit and the money you risk to get thatpayoff is quite small if you already haveproducts and a web site.You don’t have to be Microsoft to use hismethods. They work for small, medium andlarge companies alike.Not that you’ll become the next Microsoftor an overnight millionaire. But Jonathandoes use his methods with people and companiesin those categories.To my knowledge, Jonathan is the only personexplaining the magic of “per transaction”marketing in a format where you can actuallyapply it to your business tomorrow morning.It’s something that Jonathan found out by working “hands on” with the big corporations.This IS what the serious Internet marketingcompanies are doing because you can scaleup from small to giant volume in a flash.Ezine ads and other methods are great forgetting started. But how are you ever goingto get the VOLUME that hauls in big bucks– without spending a fortune on advertising?That’s what Jonathan shows you…One last thing: You may not be able to tellit from the sound of his sales letter, but hisproduct is NOTHING like mine.He covers totally different types of informationthan yours truly. While per transaction marketingis not new, Jonathan’s insights and insider infoon how companies are exploding with this methodis hot and new.That’s why I felt a duty and an obligation to introduce you to my good friend and one of the most astonishing marketers I know who has been publishing his newsletter since before the World Wide Web even existed.With great pleasure, I introduce you to theunmatched genius of Jonathan Mizel.Please go to: users click hereBest wishes,Marlon”How do you send out an email like that? I like twoproducts:One: great product for beginners that comes with an Ato Z how to manual.Two: http://www.mailking.comI use Mail King because it allows me to put a namein the subject field of the email. But it did takeawhile for me to figure out how to use it.Format your email letter in a text editor such astext pad and place a hard return at or before 65characters on a line. This prevents your emailfrom wrapping and looking like garbage when it arrives in your customer’s email box.When you do your mailing, expect .5% of the list tobuy. However, the true answer is that you’ll knowyour response rate a week after you email your salesletter. The bulk of your responses will come in within 72 hours.Follow this simple two-step formula and you can createmoney out of thin air anytime you need it.

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