byAlma Abell

Are you planning on making major changes to your home? Many homeowners enjoy altering the look and style of their homes. Some people like repainting or adding to various parts of the home. You may want to repave the driveway or add a second bathroom in the basement. However, many of these major projects are required to have Home Inspections in Cincinnati. Let’s take a look at why these inspections are necessary and what kinds of projects call for them.


All cities tend to have certain codes that homes must meet. When a home is first built, a home inspector is required to examine it to make sure that everything is working fine. For instance, inspectors want to make sure that foundations are secure and not faulty. Some inspectors also require that fire alarms are installed somewhere in the home as well. All of these requirements are to help ensure that the person or persons living there are safe and secure.

What kinds of projects call for Home Inspections in Cincinnati? Let’s say that you plan on remodeling your bathroom. If you’re simply planning on re-flooring the re-tiling the bathroom, you likely won’t need an inspector to examine your work. However, if you plan on moving your tub or sink from one side of the bathroom to the other, you’ll definitely need to call in for Home Inspections in Cincinnati. Inspectors are required in this case because the plumbing work that’s being done is extensive and needs to be reviewed.

Is your driveway too small? Some people like either extending or expanding their driveways to fit more vehicles. This type of job will likely require a lot of cement and a lot of manpower. However, in most cases you can’t simply begin breaking concrete and pouring cement. Most cities require that you have a permit to perform such a project. Driveway Contractors can’t begin working until the permit is handed out. After the permit you can begin working. After the job is finished an inspector will review the work.

Carrying out various projects to spruce up the look of your home is always encouraged. However, in order to properly approach these projects you have to go through the proper legal channels. Always make sure that you check with city officials first to see if your project needs a permit. Check with them again once you need an inspector.

Home Inspections In Cincinnati And Projects That Call For Them