Gingivitis: A Turn-off Factorv


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As much as everybody hates to admit it, common oral or dental problems make people less attractive more often than not. Bad breath, discolored teeth, teeth gaps, and tooth loss are factors that negatively contribute to one s charm. A professional assistance from a reliable dentist is the best solution to these unpleasant conditions though.

Gingivitis doesn t only cause repulsion of other people, most especially the opposite sex, but it can also affect your health as a whole. Gingivitis got its name from the word gingiva, which also means gums. It may only seem a minor dental issue, but when left untreated, this might cause more severe gum diseases, such as periodontitis. In the city of Sarasota, Florida, people usually acquire gingivitis through improper oral healthcare.


Accumulation and bacteria generation of plaque being stored for a long time in the indentions of the teeth due to irregular brushing is what commonly causes gingivitis. Although many other factors can instigate gingivitis such as foreign body reactions, physical trauma, malnutrition, pregnancy, hormonal changes, medications, and environmental triggers, inappropriate health care is the most controllable contaminating factor.

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, these bacteria activate the immune responses of the body which, in turn, destroy the tissues and bone that support the teeth. These bacteria also excrete harmful enzymes that cause decomposition of the gums and teeth. If not given adequate treatment, this gum disease can develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more severe form of gingivitis which, can cause teeth loss.


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can improve both aesthetic and functional purpose of the teeth. Extraction of teeth can happen as a result of periodontitis. Prevention is always the best medicine, which is why observing correct dental care is a must. In order to maintain a strong and healthy set of teeth, flossing after brushing teeth twice a day should be done.

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also encourage patients to use mouthwashes, unless of course, special cases occur such as people having sensitive teeth. Fluoride can also help protect the surface of teeth, but misuse and application with an excessive amount can cause more harm than good.

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Gingivitis: A Turn Off Factorv