Filling The Unique Job


Declan Jones

All companies have them. Jobs unique to their business, a combination of tasks to be performed in a unique way, one that works just right for you. These are the jobs that have become specialized as your business grew. These are the jobs where you utilized and expanded on the individual talents of the people employed in them. Now one of these special people are leaving and you’re left with a position that is hard to fill.


Finding a unique mix of skills and abilities isn’t easy. How many line cooks can handle balancing accounts? How many Human Resources employees can handle pay and benefit issues, hire employees and work satisfactorily with a safety auditor? Maybe your mix of tasks is even more eclectic. Perhaps you have an employee who does weekend bookkeeping at a retail location, yet needs to fill in for a cook or an inventory analyst. Perhaps you need a manager who is highly skilled at keeping a warehouse running, but who also needs to jump in the manufacturing line when too many employees are out ill, or they might need to interview prospective employees. This is where we come in. We are the experts in finding the right person for you. Through our comprehensive database of applicants, our skilled recruiters and the information you provide, we’ll find the person who can handle the mix of skills you need. Here are some tips to make the process quicker and easier. First, define what pay range is appropriate. The job may fit into two widely ranging pay scales, but which will you offer the right candidate? Will it be a mixture of the two, or will you require them to report their time in each job area aparately? Second, decide if you really want to narrow your search to the one or two candidates who have both skill sets. It may be cost prohibitive, and the candidate, knowing you need both unique skill sets, may demand a hefty salary. At that point, you can decide to pursue that candidate and negotiate, or it may be cost effective to split the responsibilities of the job into two jobs, or assign some of the higher-level tasks to existing employees. Either way, it’s a decision only you can make. We’ll help you review your options, but the decision to keep the job as it is or assign the tasks to different jobs is yours. Determine what works best for your business and we’ll help find the person you’re looking for.

Declan Jones is the Managing Director of wynnwith, the leader provider of free career advice.

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Filling The Unique Job

Filling The Unique Job