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byAlma Abell

Most of us don’t think twice about entering a building, pushing the elevator Call button and getting into a car which takes us to our desired floor. If everything is working as it should, we will be delivered safely and quickly without incident. In order to make certain that there are no surprises along the way, elevators need to be properly maintained on a regular basis. If building tenants or their clients have to wait in the lobby for an extended period of time because an elevator is running slowly, or because some of the cars are out of service, that is not going to leave a good impression, and tenants tend to remember those incidents when it comes time to renew a lease.

Whether your elevators need maintenance or need replaced, it calls for Elevator Services in Washington DC. Vintage or recently installed, elevators still need regular maintenance to continue operating efficiently and that calls for experienced technicians. Good maintenance costs less than emergency repair calls once a system has stopped operating properly. Experts can do a thorough inspection of your systems and perform complete maintenance. This work is not just cosmetic in nature; it includes service on each cab, all elevator equipment, shaft maintenance, and elevator doors. Anything that could become a point of failure will get adequate professional attention during these visits.

Maintenance trips can not only catch small problems before they become costly repairs, they can also provide warnings if a system is going to need upgraded or replaced in the near future. Even the best elevator systems eventually succumb to age and wear, and Elevator Services in Washington DC can keep you apprised of the condition of your elevators so you don’t get blind-sided when major work is called for. When you are looking for a reputable team to service, repair or even replace your elevator systems, the pros at Elevator Technologies, Inc. can be relied upon to provide whatever services your system needs.

ETI can offer comprehensive repair services on hydraulic or traction elevators. Whether your systems are experiencing slow response times, overheating, higher than normal energy use, or other problems, they have the trained technicians to resolve the problem quickly and professionally. They can provide 24/7 emergency service and free estimates. They’ll stand behind their work with a one year warranty on products and services. Residential or commercial, if it’s elevator-related, they can help. Visit them at

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