Discover Salzburg Through Its Incredible Architecture


Lukas Johannes

The fourth largest city in Austria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, and one of the best-preserved cities in the world, Salzburg is an ideal travel destination for those who want to revisit the still-standing proof of the genius from past generations.

Its very easy to get there, and with Salzburg airport transfers, a simple journey will give you great accessibility. Simply wandering the streets is a treat, even if you’re a return visitor, but the following attractions have become top tourist icons for a reason.

Salzburg Dome Cathedral


One of the identifying icons of the city, the cathedral is a 17th century Baroque style construction. Apart from its architectural significance, the cathedral is also famous for being the place where composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised. It has endured a number of calamities and renovations until finally being rebuilt from the ground up in Baroque style. Located in the Altstadt area of the city, the cathedral is usually one of the first stops tourists make after arriving on the Salzburg airport transfers, as it is right in the heart of the Old Town.

Mirabell Palace

Fans of The Sound of Music will easily be able to recognise Mirabell Palace and its gardens when they visit. The architecture is also Baroque, and the lavish details throughout the estate are sophisticated and certainly a good enough reason to spend a few hours admiring. But many people remember Mirabell Palace (more specifically its gardens) from scenes from The Sound of Music. Immortalised in the film, Mirabell Palace is not only one of the most visited destinations in the city, it is also a popular venue for weddings, and the entire estate, including the gardens, has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural heritage. You may pass by the palace on the Salzburg airport transfers but you should definitely plan to return to explore properly.

St. Peter’s Abbey

Another structure that perfectly exemplifies the excellent preservation of the city is St. Peter’s Abbey, which was founded in 696 AD. It is believed to be the oldest monastery in the world, and also houses one of the world’s oldest libraries. But more than religious artefacts and books, St. Peter’s Abbey is home to numerous historically significant collections, including artworks, musical instruments, church treasures and furniture.

Once you’ve arrived in the city and journeyed in on the Salzburg airport transfers to your accommodation, plan your itinerary and ensure these iconic locations are on the list.

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Discover Salzburg Through Its Incredible Architecture}

Discover Salzburg Through Its Incredible Architecture}