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By Maggie Simmons

Colon cleansing is a controversial subject, and despite all the negative feedback and comments posted in recent times, its popularity has increased at a rapid rate. This has been due to an increase in people’s awareness about its benefits and the dire consequences that can occur in having an unhealthy colon. So if you are looking for a way to colon cleanse fast – Then here are some options available.

Although it is a disputed topic, few people would disagree that maintaining the health of the colon is of prime importance. It was once coined that ‘death begins in the colon’ and there does seem to be a lot of anecdotal information that more and more conditions is sparked through problems in digestion and waste elimination.

Some of the statistics are quite scary, with colon cancer now being the second most fatal cancer in the US, killing more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Also, there are numerous statistical studies to show that bowel problems and disorders impact over 50% of Americans.

What is to blame for many of these conditions? Well, there is no one underlying cause, but there is much information that suggests the ‘western’ diet of highly processed, high fat, low fiber foods is a contributory factor to colon/ bowel health.

A diet of sticky, gluey foods, which are low in fiber if consumed over long periods may eventually start to cause waste material to slow its progress trough the colon. This over time will cause the waste material to accumulate and then cause blockages in the colon, which lead to constipation and a build up of waste material.


This then impacts on the colon’s ability to eliminate waste in the future and absorb nutrients.

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Unfortunately this waste can then sit in the colon and leak toxins, which can lead to other conditions.

The colon has a natural ability to clean itself and for the many people who eat a diet that is rich in roughage and low in high fat, processed foods will most likely have a healthy colon and healthy gut flora to match.

However, if this is not the case, then a colon cleanse may help to stimulate the colon and remove waste so that colon health can be restored.

It is worth remembering however that colon cleansing is carried out over a relatively short time, and after the treatment the problems can reoccur if the appropriate changes are not made to diet and lifestyle.

There are various approaches to having a colon cleanse, and numerous kits available over the Internet or therapies that can be attended at a spa or clinic.

However, the simplest proven way to clean the colon is to have colonic hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation). This involves a trained practitioner using liquid to wash away any lodged waste material and clean out the colon. This can sometimes mean that the friendly bacteria population is reduced, along with other bacteria and parasites, but it will quickly re-establish itself in the health colon.

Enemas can also be used either in a clinic/ spa or there are home kits that can be purchased from the pharmacist. Enemas allow liquid to slowly enter the rectum and the lower parts of the colon to flush out waste material. The process of having an enema stimulates the colon and helps evacuate waste.

Enemas do not clean as far into the colon as colonic’s do, so it may take more treatments to get the results you are after.

Laxatives can have a quick effect on a person, stimulating bowel movements and eliminating waste that may be trapped. However, they do not tend to be as effective at removing stubborn waste deposits.

Herbal preparations work in a similar way to laxatives, but they include many ingredients that can help ‘scrap’ clean the colon and stimulate colon activity and health. Generally, most of these preparations will require you to make some changes to diet, and be able to take a few days to follow the procedure.

If you want to colon cleanse fast then the quickest treatment may be to arrange an appointment at a local spa that carries out colonic hydrotherapy. Otherwise, changing diet along with a recognised herbal preparation treatment is another option available.

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