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Is distance healing really possible?

The idea that we are able to send healing to one another through time and space is a concept which can be very difficult to even fathom, let alone accept. It is an idea which seems almost science fiction like and is something which is often met with some doubt or perhaps disbelief.

But as we progress on our healing and meditative pathway, and as we start to do more and more distance healing sessions for people (with consistent results!), it does indeed become quite clear that whilst we may not understand this concept clearly enough, it definitely does seem to have a positive effect on the person receiving the distance healing.

We often hear of many success stories of people who are sending & receiving energy by distance and most notably we can see these stories appearing nowadays through the practice of Usui Reiki.

Understanding the process of an attunement

Now that we understand a little more about distance healing, the next step is to understand what an attunement does. What happens during an attunement and is this so different from distance healing?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term attunement, it is typically described as a very sacred process whereby the vibration of an individual (or a living thing) is being raised or attuned to a particular set of divinely guided energetic frequencies.

If that all sounds way too complicated, you may think of the attunement as being a process of receiving access to a very special set of energetic healing tools. Once you have received the attunement, you can then call on these healing frequencies through a variety of ways. Invariably, we are often taught to access these energies through meditation, self-healing and in doing healing work for others i.e. in a healing session environment.

In very basic terms, it is this giving access part which makes the attunement so sacred and so very blessed. By receiving an attunement, it can help to strengthen our connection to the energies being offered through a particular energy based healing system.

Why do I even need an attunement?

It is often said that you must receive an attunement from a fully qualified lineage holder of the energy based healing system you are learning before commencing with your practice. This is a most important point and it is sometimes something which some people ask why it is deemed to be so necessary.

From a philosophical perspective, we should be able to open ourselves up to receiving any kind of energy based healing practices without receiving an attunement. After all, we are all one inter-connected source of divine energy so how can anyone truly say that you cant connect with these energies? And this is most certainly a very valid point!

From a practical perspective though, if you try to practice any form of Reiki or energy based healing without the attunement, you are not really practising with the same intensity as you could be. You havent received the special access to these energies that the attunement provides you with.

As an analogy, you can think of the Reiki energies as being like the sun. You are the grass receiving the lovely sunlight on a clear sunny day. You are warm and receiving benefits. Now think of the attunement as a piece of glass which magnifies the suns rays so that you can quickly feel the heat. This is a good way of thinking about the attunement process and your teacher.

Can I receive an attunement by distance?

The answer here is a little bit of a grey area as we are seeing many newer forms of Reiki and energy based healing offering their attunements by distance. The more traditional forms of Reiki such as Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki suggest that attunements be provided in person.

Most people would generally agree though that if you can give healing by distance then it is surely possible to also give and receive attunements by distance. And this does definitely seem to be a common-sense answer here, especially as we factor in the divinely guided aspects of these healing practices and the interconnected-ness of all.

Add to this a vast array of lovely and uplifting distance attunement experiences which have been given many times in these newer forms of Reiki (refer below) and you may start to lean towards the idea that to receive an attunement by distance is actually no different than receiving an attunement in person. As always, it is our intention which is so important after all.

From our own experiences, we would also add that the efficiency and effectiveness of the distance healing attunement also seems to strengthen as the senders vibration is raised and expanded.

So let us now look at a few examples of some of these newer forms of energy based healing where attunements can be received by distance. We note here also that most of these practices are offered by donation or suggested donation.

i) Celestine Reiki:

Celestine Reiki is a very uplifting and invigorating set of energies with all attunements being offered by distance and by donation. These attunements are being offered as part of the Unified Pathway To Light and help to connect you with the deeply loving and blissful energies of the new consciousness. The practices are very simple and deeply purifying and can be completed in around 10-15 minutes.

ii) Kundalini Reiki:

Brought through by Mr Ole Gabrielson in Denmark. This mode of healing is offered to recipients by distance for a suggested donation of around $40 per attunement. These attunements combine the Kundalini energies from within us with the universal energy which is Reiki to form Kundalini Reiki. This system is taught over 3 levels and often is less than a week. The healing practices are very simple and easy to learn.

iii) Pathway To Light – The Golden Mile

A series of very unique (and free!) healing attunements for the new consciousness – all offered for free online / by distance. In this system of healing, you are led through a series of healing based attunements which have been divinely designed to uplift your vibration closer towards the love of the new consciousness. There are no meditational or self-healing practices required and each attunement is completed in around 15 minutes. This is now being offered in one very simple and easy ebook format.

iv) Maitrijusha & Maitrijusha(Ni)

A beautiful addition to any healing toolkit. These teachings provide you with a beautiful cleanse as well as a set of two very special Master Healing energies which are used to combine other energetic frequencies. These teachings are best suited to people who are working with many forms of energy based healing.


Whether you can receive an attunement by distance or not depends on your own personal preferences and the type of energy based healing practice that you are wishing to receive an attunement for.

For those of you who are wishing to receive a Usui Reiki attunement, generally these are given in person, although you can now find different Reiki Masters on the internet willing to offer you attunements by distance.

For other energy based healing practices, as you can see from the above examples, you can find a number of different energy based healing systems that provide you with by distance attunements, often by donation (or suggested donation).

Please just take caution before you pay money to someone claiming to offer distance attunements. We would humbly suggest that you do an appropriate amount of inquiry first to ensure that you are in fact receiving an attunement rather than just an airy promise before you make your payment.

Please be sure to review any website carefully and examine whether there is love & light being offered to you in these practices and whether the Master is of a vibrational understanding of the practices that are being taught.

May this information help you on your quest towards more love & light in your life and may your journey forwards be filled with love, joy and happiness!


About the Author: Marty is a mediation consultant, divine assistant and humble seeker of truth and love. He is a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Lama Fera Master, a Vajrayana practitioner, a Unified Pathway To Light Teacher as well as a teacher of many other types of energy based healing. It is with love that he aims to inspire and empower people towards understanding their truly divine nature and now works as a co-founder of the not for profit organisation Love Inspiration –


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