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By David H. Urmann

Pressure washers are devices used for removing all types of stains. There are various types, brands, and models of power washers that have different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Pressure power washers are devices that use streams of high pressure water in order to remove stains such as oil, paint, dirt, dust, mud, grime, molds and grease from a variety of objects and surfaces. Vehicles, buildings, and metal as well as asphalt road surfaces usually require heavy duty machines like these to be cleaned.

Such cleaning devices are sold in numerous strengths and sizes. They are either purchased or rented directly from hardware stores. Most models are around 2500 PSI to more than 5000 PSI or 345 bars.

It is commonly used for commercial and residential purposes. A basic type contains a high-pressure hose and motor that drives a water pump directly, and a trigger gun.


These are also called power washers and they have been in the market for over fifty years. They had been remodeled, redesigned, and reinvented to fit modern needs. There were significant changes made to add power and make it more portable at the same time. The first and most basic model was used during the early 1960s in the United States.

Types of Pressure Washers

It is classified into four basic groups based on the kind of energy or fuel they consume. There are only two main groups of pressure washers for the four sub-classes use gas and electric as a means of fuel or energy.

First is the Electric Pressure Power Washer. Devices under this group are plugged into typical outlets. It also uses icy water. It is a known fact that electric washers are not as great as gas washers are. This power washer only gives a pressure of approximately 2000 PSI. It is more compact than gas-operated pressure washers are. In addition, electric pressure washers are not as noisy or loud when used. This device is ideal for light jobs in the house.

Second is the Gas Pressure Power Washer including Diesel and Petrol Pressure Power Washer. This type of pressure washer can give twice the pressure of electric pressure washers though it is not advisable and suitable to be used in enclosed places because it might produce fumes, fires, or explosions. This is the reason why most buyers choose electric washers than gas washers. Hot water is useful when removing oil and grease, the reason why some people prefer this.

Pressure washers are offered in all type of colors, shapes, and sizes depending on brands and models. Small pressure washers are available with a bottle that holds the carrying handle and the detergent. Large pressure washers fit perfectly in trailers that have wheels. These trailers are especially built to make moving easier and hassle-free. The length of the hose is determined by a specific type of unit. Some extend up to 200 feet. They also come with attachments such as nozzles, surface cleaners, nozzles, and extension wands.

Power washers work by means of increasing the flowing pressure of the water source so as to deliver a high power force that is able to remove the surface of any material whatsoever. Nonetheless, it only works with pressure that moves out of the hose and out of the washer. They are not capable of drawing huge amounts of water from the supply or the pipe. The water supply must be sufficient enough or the device will not work properly.

These are heavy duty machines and may be extremely dangerous to handle so always take caution when using one.

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