Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home With A New Driveway

By Steve Juzefyk

Adding a new driveway is the perfect way to add curb appeal and value to your home. With a variety of available paving options, embellishments and enhancements, there are options for every budget. Before proceeding with a new driveway, homeowners should assess their budget and desired end product, coordinate materials and style with existing home architecture and prepare to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and equity added to the property.

With a wide range of available options for driveways, homeowners should consider the style of driveway and estimated budget for the project. The final cost of the project will be based on length, time of year for the project, materials used coupled with contractor costs. Popular options for driveways today include asphalt paving, Belgium block linings and aprons, bricks or interlocking paver stones. Options abound as materials and styles can be combined to add uniqueness and cost savings to the end product. If a driveway is already in place, it is often easier and more cost effective to replace the old driveway than attempt to modify the existing structure.

Selecting the materials for a new driveway may be the hardest part of the process with all the unique offerings available. However, few would argue the benefit that even the most routine of driveway installations adds to property appeal and value. A well installed traditional asphalt driveway demonstrates a commitment to your property adding a refreshing new look.

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Adding a new driveway the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home or tie together complex property renovations. When extensive time and money have been invested in other improvements including walkways or facades, a driveway handily ties together the elements. A Belgium block driveway is a dramatic and impressive addition often serving as a conversation piece. Alternatively, installation of a new driveway can improve on an existing property in lieu of costly home exterior renovations. The addition of an interlocking paver stone driveway lends character and curb-appeal to a well appointed residence.

A new driveway is the perfect way to add value and curb appeal to your home. With a number of exciting options in materials and design styles homeowners are turning to driveways to set their residence apart from their neighbors and add much desired equity to their property.

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About the Author: Juzefyk Bros. Construction has been providing superior quality masonry work for over sixty years. Now in its third generation, Juzefyk Brothers continues to offer a wide variety of interior and exterior construction, renovation, restoration, and


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